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Who is Cydney Stephens?

Cydney Sephens
Cydney Stephens
Cydney Stephens

Stephens is a recent graduate of the Cathy Hughes School of Communications located on the campus of Howard University. While studying at Howard, Cydney has had the opportunity to work for the District of Columbia's Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OCTFME) as an Intern in the Production Office. Here, Stephens gained experience in Floor Directing, Video Editing, and Crowd Control for Live-Productions.  

Her first major experience in Live-Productions happened in 2018 when she became a Production Assistant for MTV's WildNOut Season 12. Stephens started as a regular PA, but eventually was assigned to the Wardrobe department where she was responsible for producing product shots for the clothing vendors.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Stephens developed her eye for Still-Photography under the guise of her father, Marcus Stephens of M.Stephens Photography. Cydney has taken photos for local concerts, weddings, sporting events, birthdays, etc.

In her free time, Stephens enjoys script and songwriting. One day, Stephens hopes to own and operate her own production studio and produce content for her own television network.

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