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  • Pandora


    "Pandora" is our name sake! This classic lash set it named after the first woman in Greek Mythology. Depending on which fable you've been told, her "box," originally a jar, could contain misery or fortune.


    Pandora is the standard full  .25mm lash. This lash is perfect for the Viper who understands that the fate of their surrounding is in their hands. This Viper will surprise you - you'll never know what's coming next.

    • Care Instructions & Returns

      To promote lash longevity, please return them to their case after use. (Never sleep in your lashes). Care Video is Located on Home Page.

      Due to Covid-19, Lashes will not be returnable. However, a discount will be honored on a future purchase. This discount is one-time-only, but will not expire. 

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